February Favourites Roundup – Running, Fitness and Health

Here we are again, another month has gone by! I have to admit that I am feeling really happy we can finally put winter behind us and look forward to sunnier and warmer days and a bit more colour.

Following my January roundup, here are a selection of things which brightened up the final month of winter for me:-

1. Favourite health food product: B.Fresh cold pressed juices

B.Fresh very kindly sent me a couple of samples to try and to help raise awareness about their products on Instagram.

What makes B.Fresh different is that their fruits and veggies are grown on their own farm in Shropshire and brought fresh into the juicery for pressing and bottling. Secondly, they are made with a special technique called ‘cold pressing’ whereby up to 96% of the raw healthy goodness is retained in the vegetables and fruits, making it a super healthy choice.

Their juices come in no less than 12 different flavours, with only natural ingredients and no added sugar. There is something for everyone to satisfy different tastes, from green to sweeter/fruitier tasting juices. The flavours I tried are the #greenwarrior (made of spinach, apple, lime, ginger, cucumber and kale) and the #goldenglow (a delicious combination of orange, turmeric, carrot and apple). The bottles all come in a handy 250 ml size, containing between 23 – 92 cals per bottle.

You can grab one in Sainsburys or order direct from the B Fresh website, with the opportunity to save on the price if you sign up for regular delivery.

2. Most useful product: Laidbare Skincare

The outdoors is my natural habitat, which often leaves my face and my hands thirsty and dry.

Laidbare’s product range are 100% natural and are also suitable for people with sensitive skin. Their quirky names are very easy to remember! I have been using their hand cream called ‘In Safe Hands’, their face cream ‘Working 9 to 5’ and their facial scrub ‘Scrub a Dub Dub’ over the past 3 weeks.

The main ingredients in the hand cream are shea butter and sunflower oil, both with great moisturising properties. Only after a couple of uses, my hands feel silky and smooth again! The face cream has a gentle marshmellow-like scent with extracts of rosewater to soothe, and Iceland moss and Gotu Kala which are known to have anti-ageing properties. I apply this cream in the morning before applying make up. Before going to bed, and after removing my make up, I apply the scrub for a deeper cleanse. The scrub contains natural exfoliants such as corn powder, grapefruit seeds and green tea with antioxidant properties. The skin on my face has visibly improved and I will definitely consider trying other LaidBare products as well.

Check out their product range on the Laidbare website.

3. Most helpful article: Is Running Bad for Your Joints?

This is a question I often ask myself after developing a series of different injuries and niggles over the past couple of years. This article which was published in the Womens Running Magazine and has finally given me some refreshing insights and balanced views on this matter:-

Fundamentally, running is good for the body. Research has shown that those who run consistently could expect to have less arthritis, have a lower risk of osteoarthritis and hip replacements than non-runners when they get older. Besides, a lot of experts agree that our bodies are designed to run. In the past we had to run to catch food or avoid being the food of a predator, so running is a natural form of human locomotion. Finally, running can improve our joint and bone health. The key thing however is to be sensible with regards to your running volume and intensity, to get your running technique and gear right, and be of healthy weight, otherwise your joints may suffer the consequences. Genetics also plays a role – some people are simply more predisposed to joint issues than others. Sadly, I fall into this category, as shown in a recent DNA test I had got done.

4. Best Advice: Consistency

This advice I received in February comes from James Scott who is a nutritionist at my gym, with qualifications from Precision Nutrition:-

Your goals do not rely on one good meal, or one good workout, it is what you consistently do that makes a difference! The problem most people have is they aim for perfection, manage a few days, then fall off the wagon a bit after a bad day at work etc. then try to go back to perfect again and it becomes a cycle with no real benefit.

The best ways to stay consistent are:-

  • Plan ahead – Sunday is a good day for most to plan for the week but any time will do, if you have a plan and have prepped meals you are less likely to struggle.
  • Set realistic plans! – do not aim for perfection if you know you will not stick to it.
  • Use habits – get into making certain things a habit, such as having a breakfast, then you can tweak the habit to improve it, like having a protein based breakfast when you are regularly having one.”

Remember that one bad meal wont ruin your goals, but one good one will not get you there either, what you do consistently will decide what happens!

5. Most inspiring person: Turia Pitt – Athlete, Humanitarian and Motivational Speaker

I first heard about Turia when I was reading an article in the February issue of the Runners World Magazine. In 2011, when she was 24, Turia’s life was turned upside down when she was caught up in a grass fire whilst running a 100km ultramarathon in Australia. She suffered burns to 65% of her body, lost seven fingers, endured six grueling months in hospital, underwent over 200 operations and spent two years in recovery.

Despite all odds, she did not only survive, but has managed to completely rebuild her life and defied all expectations.  And guess what – her life-chsnging injuries did not stop her from achieving what she had set her mind to. She has walked across the Great Wall of China, trekked Kokoda and the Inca Trail and competed in the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii. She has also helped raise almost one million dollars for charity.  As a humanitarian and motivational speaker, she has become a true embodiment of triumph over adversity. She is a firm believer that with the right mindset, you can truly achieve anything.

Her coaching course, the School of Champions is definitely worth checking out if you feel stuck with your goals.

6. The best recipe video

Chicken-lovers favourite restaurant KFC have announced the launch of their latest creation: it’s gluten free, dairy-free and includes raw baby kale and spiralised boiled chicken. I simply can’t stop myself from watching this video over and over again!

For more recipe inspiration and to say ‘hello’ to Figgy, make sure to visit her Instagram page!


What made your February special? Let’s hear it in the comments!



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