Ultimate Bodyweight Blast Workout

The beauty of this no-fuss workout is that it requires minimal or no equipment therefore you can do it anywhere you like – in the gym, at home, in your hotel room, in the park, on holiday… It is a great half an hour full-body workout to get your heart pumping and to get your energy levels up, so a great all-rounder. Each station takes between 7-8 minutes to complete and comprises of exercises that work a different area of your body. You are guaranteed to burn the calories equivalent of a main meal!

Equipment needed

The only pieces of equipment you need are a height adjustable Reebok deck and/or a medium height plyo box. If you do not have any of these, find a bench or an area with steps or stairs, and you are good to go!

When I do timed workouts, I use an interval timer – there are plenty of free or low cost applications you can download from the Apple store for your smart phone. However, personally, I prefer to use a Gymboss interval timer which is less fiddly and you can clip to your clothing – one thing I always have in my gym bag!

How to warm up

Start your workout with a 5 minute warmup to get your heart rate up a bit and to get your muscles ready for some intense work. You can use a combination of the following moves to prepare your body for this intense challenge:-

  • Jog in one spot
  • Arm circles to the front and back, then across the body
  • Jumping jacks or star jumps
  • High knees
  • Heel flicks
  • Spotty dogs
  • Couple of burpees
  • Mini sprints on the spot
  • Mountain climbers
  • Squats and lunges
  • Pushups on knees

The exercises

You will be doing each exercise in this exact order, for 1 minute, with no rest inbetween them. Once you finish all the exercises on a station, take between 20 – 30 sec rest (if you need to) before you start the exercises on the next station. If you are unsure what an exercise is, I have included some YouTube video links at the very bottom of this article.

As always, focus on getting good quality reps in; I would rather you did less reps with good technique, than bust out loads with poor form. Try to keep moving until you finish each station; if you start to feel faint at any point, bring the intensity down a bit, instead of completely stopping e.g. instead of lunge jumps you could do normal lunges.

After you’ve completed the workout

Spend a few minutes cooling down to bring your heart rate back down again – for example, you can walk around a little, shake out your arms and legs, have some water, wipe off the sweat! Remember to stretch down and refuel with a protein rich snack or meal within the hour of finishing this workout to give your body a chance to recover well.


If you decide to give this workout a go, let me know how you get on! What is your favourite and least favourite body weight exercise?

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