Guest Post: Fast Track Your Success in ANY Field With These 3 Success Principles

What do world championships and high pressure work situations have in common? A lot! From the age of 13 to my early 20’s, I represented Australia internationally on the world stage as a competitive Ballroom and Latin American dancer. Now although my fake tan, diamantes and dancing days are long gone, the success principles I learned from the world of elite sport can also create amazing results in the highly competitive world of business. In this guest article, I share 3 powerful success strategies that can fast track your results and raise your game immediately:-

Laser focus

It’s so easy in business, and in life in general, to get distracted from our goals and to lose our focus. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Netflix, surfing on the internet, other people’s demands…. the list goes on of things that can absorb huge amounts of our time and distract us from the things we really want to achieve. Now… to be successful at anything, you must clarify your goals, come up with a plan of attack and then give it your concentrated attention, focus and energy. I remember when I used to compete at international competitions, I had to make sure I didn’t let myself start worrying what other dancers were doing or if they were having a “good” day, etc. My dancing partner and I had to force ourselves to stay focused on our own goals and our own performance, and it’s the same in business. Get clear on where you are heading, don’t get distracted by what others are doing, and keep laser focused on the outcomes YOU want to achieve. Focus – Focus – Focus. How good are you at staying focused?

Analyse what is working and what isn’t

As a dancer, we used to get feedback from our coaches and do our own critiques after each big performance. We used to get videoed so we could watch our dancing performances back to see where we could improve next time. It’s important in your career to keep analysing where you are going well and where you need improvement. We must be aware of our key strengths and development areas, and everyone is different. I would like to encourage you to seek out feedback on your current performance and do some self-analysis. Don’t wait until your manager/coach gives you feedback during a formal performance appraisal – consciously seek it out and keep striving to be the best you can be.


Self-belief really is the gold dust of success. Self-belief is attractive and when you believe in your own abilities, others will too. People can sense how you feel about yourself and they often reflect that back to us. People want to work with, date, hire, and be friends with people who are self-confident and who feel comfortable in their own skin. Don’t wait for other people to notice your brilliance and give you permission to step up and shine. Start backing yourself and become your own biggest supporter. Drop the perfectionism and fear and go for what you really want. Confidence really is an inside job and when you increase your genuine self-belief, it will have an amazingly positive ripple effect throughout different areas of your life!



Shona Rowan is a Performance Consultant, Inspirational Speaker and Ex-international Ballroom Dancing Champion.  If you want to know more about her programmes, you can reach her at  or see for more information.


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