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Having been inspired by some of the talks at the VegFest event this October, I have started experimenting with a more plant-based lifestyle – I figured I had nothing to lose and this could be an interesting experience, if nothing else. In fact, I have just signed up for the Veganuary challenge for January next year, whereby I will attempt to go vegan for a full month, cutting out all animal foods. Eek.

The truth is, after VegFest, I have started making a conscious effort to reduce the amount of animal foods in my diet and substitute them with plant based alternatives, wherever possible (Note to the Lindt Chocolate Factory: when will you launch a vegan range?!). The past two months have been a very exciting period of discovering new foods and getting adventurous in the kitchen trying new recipes (tempeh and nutritional yeast, anyone?). I can’t say I’m a wizard in the kitchen, but I have had lots of fun so far and I’m feeling fantastic.

I have recently finished Virginia Messina and Jack Norris’ book called ‘Vegan for Life’ which is a great go-to guide for aspiring- as well as veteran vegans who are looking to optimise their diet. This book has helped me a great deal to plan nutritious, protein packed meals and to learn about essential supplements that vegans need to consider in order to maximise their health on a plant-based diet. Most certainly, my Mama was right when she ordered me to ‘eat yo’ greens’ as I used to be an absolute nightmare picky child when it came to food.

It was during this period of transitioning onto a more plant based diet that I discovered a new food supplement called Super Greens Powder by Lean Greens. I have to admit that at first, I was slightly sceptical as it sounded like an expensive fat loss gimmick. However, after checking out the Lean Greens website and reading some of the raving customer reviews on their Amazon page, I was compelled to change my mind. I even met the team behind Lean Greens at a recent Health Bloggers Community event whereby all my questions were answered about their products and how these could help take my new, plant-powered life to the next level.

Lean Greens have kindly sent me a big tub of Super Greens Powder to try and to review on my blog so in this post I wanted to focus on my experience with using this product.

But first, what is Lean Greens?

Lean Greens is a food supplement company whose products include the aforementioned Super Greens Powder and many others such as Lactose Free Whey Protein powder and Organic Turmeric Supplements and Probiotics. Their products are carefully designed to taste good and are packed with all-natural goodness, with no artificial additives.

The Super Greens Powder is truly what it says on the tin – it includes a wide range of nutrients such spinach, wheatgrass, barleygrass, alfalfa, chlorella, carrot, spirulina, broccoli, blueberry and blackcurrant extracts, Siberian ginseng, green tea and a special digestive enzyme blend to help improve gut health. That sounds pretty impressive to me – I think I would very quickly lose the will to live if I had to chop up and prepare so many veggies and greens in one go, every day. Thankfully, having all of this in only one scoop solves this issue.

How do I use the Super Greens Powder?

My favourite way to consume it is mixing a scoop (ca. 3 teaspoons) with 350 ml cold water first thing in the morning, whilst my porridge is cooking on the hob, or shortly after I arrive at work. My second favourite way to use Lean Greens is in my pre-or post run smoothies – my current favourite one is with Kiwi and Pomegranate.

When mixing the powder into water, I suggest you use a shaker like you would for your protein powder drinks to make sure that it dissolves properly. On the Lean Greens website you can order a Smart Shaker which is perfect for this purpose.

But…how can you stomach something so ‘green’?

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised when I first tried the Super Greens Powder. Contrary to what I expected (I may have closed my eyes and wrinkled my nose slightly as I was trying to psyche myself up for my very first sip), I found the taste to be fairly neutral. In fact, I now find it quite refreshing mixed into ice cold water. You can always add some more water to dilute the flavour if it is too strong for you. If you are really not used to ‘green’ flavours, my best advice to overcome the taste would be to gulp it down in one go, instead of nursing it for too long – it might just get harder that way! But trust me, once I started drinking this concoction every day, I grew used to it and the flavour was no longer a big deal. In fact, I now prefer to jazz up plain water with Super Greens Powder! So after all, it seems true that even taste buds can be trained!

Although I’m stating the obvious here, the colour of this powder is green, so if you decide to mix it into smoothies or drinks, expect it to turn slightly green, too! I am merely pointing this out as I know some people are very much into styling their food, especially on this side of the blogger-verse.

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My overall experience with the Super Greens Powder

I have been using this powder for about 5 weeks, and I have to say I would miss it if I stopped now.

I love the feeling of starting the day on a healthy note, effortlessly and completely fuss-free. Drinking Super Greens gives me the confidence that my body is getting the best nutrients – which is especially important given the volume of training I do.

Starting the day with Super Greens Powder mixed into a tall glass of water has become a ritual for me and as a result, I am finding it easier to hit my daily hydration goals – as a seasoned runner, I know how much difference being well hydrated can make to sports performance.

During the colder months, I often find myself feeling sluggish – getting out of the bed in the morning can be a long negotiation with myself, and functioning at my fullest capacity at work turns into a challenge late afternoon. However, thanks to the changes I have made to my diet, and most likely due to regularly consuming Super Greens Powder, my energy levels are up!

Last, but not least, my mid-morning sugar cravings and hunger pangs have decreased, which could be a placebo-effect but also could be down to starting my day with the Super Greens Powder! Either way, I am happy.

Final verdict

All in all, I think that the Super Greens Powder is a very practical, useful and great product that has its place in a healthy and balanced diet. I would recommend this supplement for a number of reasons:-

Convenience – It saves you time preparing all your greens – forget about messy food prep!

Palatable taste – It has a very mild ‘green’ taste which will not interfere with the taste of whatever you are concocting up!

Versatility – You can mix the Super Greens Powder into water, add it to smoothies or pancake/cake mixes – only your imagination is the limit.

High quality ingredients – There are no nasties and dodgy ingredients in Super Greens Powder, only natural ingredients which will flood your body with a whole bunch of good stuff. Thanks to being packed with digestive enzymes and alkalising ingredients, it can help restore gut health, too.

Affordability – if you sign up for regular deliveries via the Lean Greens website, you can save some money and depending on what and how much you order, deliveries may be free. For example, a 500g tub of Super Greens Powder will cost you £40 (including a special discount code which you can find on their website). This tub will last you for about 33 days if you consume 3 teaspoons of it every day. (Prices are up to date as of December 2017). This may sound like a lot to some people, but consider this – you could easily spend this much on a single meal out; whilst a tub of Super Greens Powder will last you well over a month.

The Super Greens Powder is available to buy from their Amazon page and from their website.

Are you taking any supplements regularly?


  1. December 27, 2017 / 1:14 pm

    Great review Timea! I’ve tried this powder as well and I prefer mixing it in a smoothie than mixing it with only water. But saying that I haven’t tried diluting it with more water to make the taste milder. I will give this a go next time, thanks for the tip!

  2. Donald
    July 31, 2018 / 5:38 pm

    I have not found anyone living testimonials on improved vision and health from supergreens. ????

    Thanks. D.

  3. December 15, 2018 / 5:21 pm

    Green powders are a staple of my daily regime – so alkalising and great for detoxing when you have ‘overdone’ it! I will maybe give these powders a go.

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