I’m a passionate runner, a personal trainer and kettlebell instructor. I’m the happiest when I am outside running on the trails, somewhere beautiful and peaceful. I also enjoy the buzz and challenge I get from running races – I am up for anything between a parkrun to a full marathon. I have done close to a 100 different races and events over the past 8 years or so, since I got bitten by the running bug. In fact, I am doing my very first ultramarathon this summer – the RAT 33 miler on the South Cornish Coast.  But first, I’m going to ‘warm up’ with a Marathon in the Lake District in May – Asics Windermere Marathon here I come!

Running this running & fitness blog and documenting my running journey on my Instagram is a juggling act, as I’m currently working in a busy full-time job in the Training & Development department at a large professional services company in London. I need to pay for all these races somehow 🙂

I live near London with my Hubby and two adorable Siberian Forest cats, Holly and Lydia. Apart from running, cats are the only other thing I can’t live without!

Below are some questions you might want to ask about me and this website…


My blog is centered around building resilience.

Based on my own experience, I firmly believe that building resilience starts with fostering a strong and fit body first.

I also think that fostering strength and fitness in the two other dimensions – mental and spiritual – are on equal footing with this, however, my starting point would be physical training; the way I see it is that it works its way from the outside into the deeper dimensions of the mind and the soul. I believe that if you train your body by getting yourself out onto the trails, tracks or the gym floor, your mind and spirit will be forced to come along for the ride.

I also believe that if you want more strength, then you need to challenge yourself more.

During every tough race or workout, I am faced with the choice of either dealing with the discomfort, or playing it safe for fear, or quitting. It is when you face the discomfort, the fatigue and the fear, you grow stronger and develop true grit. I have certainly been able to develop a resilient mindset and gained more confidence in all walks of life through this physical dimension.

It has also been scientifically proven that exercise physically remodels our brains for top performance and can positively alter our mental states, preparing us for a stronger response to all sorts of challenges that we may face in life.


This blog is for you if you want to live better, reach higher, and are not afraid to dig deeper to get there.

As George Sheehan running legend and writer said:

Everyone is an athlete. The only difference is that some of us are in training, and some are not.

If you want your life to be what you want it to be, and embrace it to the fullest with all its exciting adventures, you need to adopt the mindset of an athlete and live like one by making sure that your mechanics (your body, mind and spirit) are fit, healthy and strong so that you can function at your fullest capacity. This, in turn, will help you live up to your potential and purpose.

My writing is infused with this, because it has changed my life – and I hope it will change yours, too, if you stick around reading my blog.


I have had this blog for a couple of years, but kept it to myself for a long time, using it as an outlet to write about my running and fitness adventures, for my own pleasure.

However, when many of my colleagues, friends and even family members started to turn to running after seeing my passion and commitment, I realised that there was no point keeping my blog under my hat any longer. I realised that openly sharing my own journey and expertise on this blog has the potential to help even more people fall in love with exercise and running, and become stronger inside out as a result!

Through my writing, I hope to be seen as the ‘expert next door’ on the latest running and fitness ‘know-how’, bringing practical and actionable content to help people take their game to the next level.


I love writing about all things running and fitness, and enjoy exploring topics around peak performance and resilience through developing the mindset of an athlete.

You will find here plenty of aricles about races I have completed and recommend; free workouts, how to fuel your training, my favourite products and ‘best finds’, interviews with inspiring ‘every day’ role models, how to deal with injuires and coming back stronger; life lessons from running, general training advice, and mental strategies to build resilience and to set yourself up for success.

Feel free to browse around, especially if this is your first time landing on my blog!

Oh, and before you go back to browsing, I would love to connect with you – find me on InstagramTwitterPinterest and Facebook 🙂

In health and happiness,