About Me

Who am I?

Hi, my name is Timea. 

I am a keen runner, a self-confessed gym addict, and Level 3 qualified personal trainer and kettlebell instructor.

I’m juggling writing this fitness & health blog with training and working in a full-time job as a Human Resources Advisor at a large professional services company.

I am originally from Hungary, and I live near London in the UK with my Hubby and two adorable Siberian Forest pussycats, Holly and Lydia aka the Furminators.


What is this blog about?

This blog is about building resilience and helping you grow into the strongest and fittest version of yourself, inside-out, no matter what life throws at you or what you choose to throw yourself into.

What got me into blogging?

I have had this blog for a couple of years, but kept it as a hobby for a long time and used it as an outlet to write about my running and fitness adventures mainly for my own pleasure.

However, when I was targeting a new role at work in 2016, I felt led to look at my values and do some soul-searching about what I am really passionate about in life and what I truly stand for. The answer was clear: that I do not want to be stuck in a desk job for the rest of my life dealing with ‘problem children’ in the world of disciplinaries, grievances, redundancy projects and performance improvement plans. Therefore I decided to invest more time and energy into my blog to see where this would take me.

What sort of articles can readers expect to find here?

On my blog, I love writing about all things fitness and enjoy exploring topics around peak performance and resilience through developing the mindset of an athlete. 

People have said to me that I have a gift for writing and educating. Some of my friends look at me as a life-coach in some ways. By engaging with people through my writing I feel I can make a more positive impact on their lives and be their go-to expert on the latest fitness and health ‘know-how’, bringing practical and actionable content to help them take their fitness game to the next level.

Here are the types of posts you will find on this site:-

  • Races and events: race reviews, miscellaneous running and fitness events;
  • Fitness and health: general workouts, gym training, running specific workouts, how to get real results, what’s new in the world of health and fitness;
  • Clean Fuel: healthy eating hacks, myth busting, superfoods, how to fuel your training; (to see what I eat, give me a follow on Instagram)
  • FitSpiration: monthly favourite products and events, inspiring role models;
  • Physio Room: drawing on my own experience and advice from experts about how to come back from injuries and setbacks stronger, injury proofing your body, prehab and maintenance;
  • Running: life lessons from running, best places to run, my own musings as a runner; general advice and tips;
  • Train the Brain: mental strategies to build a resilient mindset and inner strength; setting yourself up for success;
  • Free Workouts: general workouts to help you stay fit or get fitter. Please check out “Personal Training” in the top menu to learn more about personalised solutions.
  • Active Escapes: active holidays, going off the beaten track.


Why does resilience and fostering strength take centre stage in my blog?

All of us will face different kinds of challenges at some point in our lives. Some of these challenges we willingly and very happily volunteer ourselves for, whilst other challenges are very little in our control – yes, I am talking about those ‘sh*t hits the fan’ type of situations. The way that we face and respond to such situations can mean the difference between thriving and collapsing.

Based on my own experience, I firmly believe that building resilience starts with fostering a strong and fit body first. I also think that fostering strength and fitness in the two other dimensions – mental and spiritual – are on equal footing with this, however, my starting point would be physical training; the way I see it is that it works its way from the outside into the deeper dimensions of the mind and the soul. I believe that if you train your body by getting yourself out onto the trails, tracks or the gym floor, your mind and spirit will be forced to come along for the ride.

If you want more strength, then you need to challenge yourself more. During every tougher workout or running race, I am faced with the choice of either dealing with the discomfort, or playing it safe for fear, or quitting. It is when you face the discomfort, the fatigue and the fear, you grow stronger and develop true grit. I have certainly been able to develop a resilient mindset and gained more confidence in all walks of life through the physical dimension. It has also been scientifically proven that exercise physically remodels our brains for peak performance and can positively alter our mental states, preparing us for a stronger response to all sorts of challenges.


What is my key philosophy for this blog? 

George Sheehan who is a running legend and writer once said that

“Everyone is an athlete. The only difference is that some of us are in training, and some are not.”

So I believe that if you want your life to be what you want it to be, and embrace it to the fullest with all its exciting adventures, you need to adopt the mindset of an athlete and live like one by making sure that your mechanics (your body, mind and spirit) are fit, healthy and strong so that you can function at your fullest capacity. This, in turn, will help you live up to your potential and purpose.


Thank you for popping by! I hope you will enjoy reading my blog.

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In health and happiness,