I would be delighted to work with you. Whilst juggling my writing with a busy full-time job and chasing my next ‘personal best time’ in running races, the reach and influence of my blog continues to grow. Since it was officially launched in April 2016, my readership and  social media channels have been steadily growing with a highly engaged audience.

I am very proud to have earnt myself a spot amongst the top 100 UK fitness influencers at Feedspot:-

The services I can provide include:-

  • Personal Training/Group classes such as bootcamps, HIIT, core conditioning etc.;
  • Bite sized workshops (tailored to your requirements) about peak performance/resilience/stress management at the workplace;
  • Reviews (healthy foods/drinks, protein supplements, sports gear, fitness/running clothing, events, races, gyms, trips etc.) which can be used for marketing/promotional purposes;
  • Attending PR events and helping to raise publicity;
  • Ambassadorship;
  • Interviews;
  • Guest posts – articles relating to sports nutrition, fitness, running, health;
  • Cross-promotion/running give-aways and competitions;
  • Freelance writing for online health, fitness, lifestyle and running magazines.

Some of these services will incur a fee – please contact me for more information.


I have worked with some amazing companies and brands such as Gola ActiveAbakus FoodsXtreme BootcampsteapigsEtchrockMacMillan Cancer SupportiHealthJust Bee DrinksSKINS UKMillet SportsLean Greens and have written reviews for The Fitness Experts gym, Wild Training Gym and The Fitness Space gym and countless running races.

I have provided high-quality guest-posts for award-winning bloggers such as Healthy and PsychedGreen and Aquamarine, and magazines such as the Health Blogger Community Magazine,  YW Magazine and my Firm’s People Operations magazine.

I was an ambassador for the world’s first Health & Blogger Summit in London in April 2017.


Your blog post looks amazing!! Thank you so much! I will share these on our social media too. We would love to work with you again – Gola Sports

Wow I am so impressed by your review. It is so well researched and has more interesting contents than we have ever seen, very in-depth. I actually learned a lot by reading it myself. I’s just fantastic!! I am certain that your blog will be reaching new highs and keep growing. Thank you so much. Will retweet it often. – Abakus Foods

It is written in a style I find easy to read and entertaining. I like the way you are very personal in what you write and makes me feel like I know you well. We are making plans for our next DVD for 2017 & keep you in the loop and send you early copies again. Thank you for all your support we really appreciate it! – Xtreme Bootcamps

We’d love to be able to use some of your blog post in our marketing. – Tom Edwards at The Fitness Experts

Love, love, love this, Timea! Such a great write up! – EtchRock UK

That’s an awesome blog post thank you very much!! I have told Emily [hot yoga teacher] about it, she loves it! – The Fitness Space Gym. (The blog post was used in their Facebook promotion campaign.)

Incredible write up Timea thank you so much you are an angel! – James Griffiths at the Wild Training Gym. (The blog post was used in their Facebook promotion campaign.)

iHealth are delighted with your work and will be looking into some of the problems you pointed out. So thank you for reviewing the Wave and your feedback which will help us to improve the product moving forward. (…) I look forward to working with you in the future and I will let you know when we have another product that might be of interest for you to review. – Tessa Roberts from PowerIT-2-Channel Ltd., on behalf of iHealth

This is EXACTLY what I was hoping for and more. What an excellent piece and I love the pictures too. You got everything right. Thank you for putting gin so much effort. (…) Keep doing what you are doing and I look forward to working with you again in the future. – Naomi Marshall, SKINS UK

You write such inspirational things Timea, you really do. You’ve got a real talent for motivating people and a gift with words so you definitely deserve some recognition. Just wanted to say you rock!– Cerys Seys Llewellyn, a good friend


Please note that I will only work with brands, companies and bloggers who are compatible with the ethos of my blog (please refer to my ‘About‘ page).

If you are, or represent a brand, product or event and would like to collaborate with me or discuss potential opportunities, please get in touch at [email protected] or using any of my social media channels.

Looking forward to hearing from you!